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Presenter Shaun Ryan on 21 years at Ideal World


How is the Ideal World 21 years ago different from the Ideal World today?
In some ways, the Ideal World is not so different from what it was 21 years ago, but on the other hand, it has changed so much. It's still a lot of fun, very friendly and extremely entertaining. However, now it is much bigger and better. When we started, we lacked the product, we resorted to selling photos of presenters to fill the airtime, which will be delivered in weeks! (I'm not kidding) We now have tens of thousands of goods available at any time, with great delivery, easy ordering and great return policies.

What has been your favorite product for years (sorry, it may be hard to choose just one!)
My favorite product is Tefal Actifry. I am now 21 years older than when I started working for Ideal World, and like most people my age, I need to keep track of my weight. Actifry is perfect for cooking low-fat meals and incredible chips using almost no oil. All the taste, but no calories

What was the funniest moment you had at work?
There were so many funny moments in Ideal World, but one I'll never forget was when we made an amazing pressure wash deal for a big birthday party. Our sets of chests of drawers built a huge wall in the studio about 8 feet high, consisting of products and boxes, to start the event dramatically. They got more than they wanted, because at the very beginning of the show, the whole wall collapsed, and everyone had to run for cover when the boxes fell. We actually went off the air for an hour while the studio was reassembled! Fortunately, no one was hurt, but it was quite fun to watch.

Any awkward terrestrial attack aircraft?
In my 21 years, I've been a part of many on-air bloggers, but the one that is often shown on terrestrial television is that I take Mickey out of another presenter (Sally Jacks) on the air, and then I look like an absolute idiot, going back to massive TV screen on the set!

What did 21 years in the Ideal World teach you?
21 years in "Ideal World" taught me that time goes by too fast, it seems that yesterday, when I started!

Is being a TV presenter as fun as it looks? Or are there invisible challenges?
Being a TV presenter is a really fun job, but it's not as easy as it seems. It's live, with no script, no car shooting, so you have to remember a lot of information on every show and always be up to date. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially on ITV programs that air for up to 3 nights!

Do you ever get nervous before going on the air?
I don't get nervous very often, but if it's an event like our current 21st birthday, I accidentally flinch!

If you could sum up your 21 years in "Ideal World" in three words, what would they be?
Fun, incredibly unpredictable.