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The genius of the founding of the Bradford Exchange


The genius of the founding of the Bradford Exchange.

Gifted with an independent, entrepreneurial spirit, the late J. Roderick MacArthur is considered the father of the modern collectibles industry - and it all started with records. Anticipating that Americans would enjoy the beauty and history of limited edition collectibles (which were already hugely popular in Europe), MacArthur, an art connoisseur and world traveler, began importing porcelain art plates from France and created his own direct mail collection company. In 1973, his concept of art plates as "affordable fine art" immediately began, and the company quickly became the heart of the collectible plate industry. Today, MacArthur's "guess" is known as the "Bradford Exchange."

At the time of Bradford's founding, MacArthur was considered unpleasant in the business world, skeptics argued that collectible plates would be a hot trend that would flare up in a few years, but he proved them wrong. MacArthur's dynamic creative vision and anticipation of excellence have driven the concept, design and craftsmanship of each collection plate offered by The Bradford Exchange. Most of all, MacArthur insisted that each series must somehow fulfill an innate human desire to acquire and be surrounded by beautiful art objects, especially when art has a personal, emotional appeal to the collector.

The birth of the secondary market

MacArthur took his vision of collectible plates even further than skeptics had ever dreamed. Bradford exchanges would be issued in limited editions, just like vytynanky and sculptures, and when their publications closed, they were traded on the "secondary market", where plate collectors could buy and sell their plates at any price other collectors wanted. pay. Again, collectors liked the MacArthur idea, as evidenced by the thousands of buy and sell orders processed daily on The Bradford Exchange Marketplace, not to mention the "exchange and sell" events that attract thousands to collectors 'congresses and collectors' clubs. country. With the advent of the Internet, online auctions, such as the auction site,

Although the prospect of rising prices attracts the idea, MacArthur has always warned Bradford customers that "not all rooms are going up; some are falling," as stock and bond prices fluctuate on Wall Street. To help collectors track the trading activity of their plates on the secondary market, the Bradford Exchange has released Current Quotes on the Bradford Stock Exchange - a report on the market for the latest prices for orders for collectible plates that are actively traded on the secondary market.

The legacy of MacArthur

The collecting world was upset when Rod MacArthur died of pancreatic cancer in 1984. The man who was the genius of the Bradford Stock Exchange did not hide behind its walls, but made himself visible and accessible to collectors and employees of Bradford. Long collectors will remember MacArthur riding the streets of South Bend, Indiana, in his vintage Rolls Royce convertible during the annual plate collector conventions in the 1970s and early 1980s. Bradford's staff would have been pleasantly surprised when MacArthur greeted them by name as they passed each other in the hall, although he may have met them briefly only once.

The spirit of MacArthur's genius still drives the success of the collecting industry. The original MacArthur company expanded and became the Bradford Group of Companies. In addition to the Bradford Stock Exchange, the Bradford Group includes the renowned names Ardley Elliott, Ashton Drake, Bradford Publications and Hawthorne Villages. Although the company has changed a lot since MacArthur's death, The Bradford Exchange's direction remains true to MacArthur's first rule - that collectible plates must be finely crafted, beautiful works of art with a personal appeal. And while Bradford plates and third-party collectibles can potentially increase value in the aftermarket, collecting is truly a delight in the beauty and craftsmanship of collecting, entertaining, and sharing experiences with other collectors. Thanks to the creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Rod MacArthur almost 30 years ago, the market of collectible plates continues to fulfill this promise today.