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ANN TAYLOR: Women's Clothing, Suits, Dresses, Cashmere, Sweaters, Petites.


Ann Inc. is an American group of specialty clothing retail chain stores for women. The company is headquartered in New York and currently operates as a subsidiary of the Ascena Retail Group. The shops offer classic style suits, separators, dresses, shoes and accessories. The brand is sold under five divisions: Ann Taylor, Loft, Lou & Gray, Ann Taylor Factory and Loft Outlet.

Richard Libeskind, founder of Anne Taylor, opened his first Anne Taylor store in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1954. Anne Taylor was the name given to the bestseller in Libeskind's father's dress. Both the most popular dress and the name of Anne Taylor were given to his son Richard Libeskind by his father for happiness. Liebeskind decided to go with the name Anne Taylor, because Anne was considered a very new England name, and Taylor evoked the image of tailored clothing. The name allegedly created the perfect identity of classic women's clothing.

In March 2011, the company changed its name to Ann Inc., from Ann Taylor Stores Corporation. As of October 27, 2012, the total number of stores was 981: out of 278 Ann Taylor stores, 101 Ann Taylor Factory stores, 510 Loft stores and 92 Loft Outlet stores, as well as online at and Loft. com.

On May 18, 2015, Ascena Retail Group announced the acquisition of Ann Inc. by $ 2.16 billion. The redemption was completed on August 21, 2015. Ann Inc. will act as a subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group.

In 2017, Anne Taylor launched a subscription rental service called Infinite Style. Loft continued its activities in 2019 with a subscription to Infinite Loft - a company that deals with subscription to size.

Special collections:

Ann Taylor Celebrations was launched in August 2005; it is a collection of signatures featuring dresses, wraps, belts, shoes and bags. Each item in the collection is colored accordingly. The collection can be worn for occasions from wedding parties to a black tie and special events. In 2009, this line began to be offered only on the Internet and was discontinued in 2011.

Ann Taylor Collections was released in 2007 and consists of luxury clothing, accessories and footwear made from fabrics and yarns made in Italy. Skill has a higher cost, and the price is higher than other items. It is no longer produced.

Ann Taylor Beauty consists of fragrances and bath and body products that were to be available in all Ann Taylor stores from late 2007 or early 2008. The fragrance fragrances were released in November 2007. washed and came out in six scents. It is no longer produced.

Loft Maternity was released in the summer of 2007 under the motto "Because you have a LOFT". Although the LOFT Maternity line initially included only mid-size sizes, in the fall of 2007 it expanded to include all Loft sizes (00-18). As of the summer of 2010, LOFT Maternity works exclusively online, using a tag string, and conveniently, you wish you could wear them for more than nine months. ”