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Cool and keep cool inside - B&Q will help you stay cool during the summer.


Although the shining sun can make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise, sometimes our homes can also get hot. When the temperature rises, we all want to bask in the rays, when we go inside, we need relief to feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than waking up at night, overheating while cooking dinner or melting on the couch trying to enjoy the evening.

Let us help you stay cool during the summer with our guide to keeping cool on the advice of our experts. Choose the best products for your space so you can enjoy the sun without sweat.

Your fan number 1
Choosing the perfect fan is the first step to temperature control. Sitting in a stream of luxurious fresh air is a great way to keep warm.

There are several important features to consider when buying a fan. These include oscillations, so it will move the air around your space, adjust the speed so you can choose how strong you want the airflow to be, and program so you have different modes depending on what you're doing.

You can also choose from different types of fans. The tower fans have a high column and push air from the floor up, like our white 3-speed model. Pedestal fans, like our white Carrao model, have a round fan head on an adjustable stand. Some even have a new convenient storage feature, which means you can fold them up and push them out when the temperature drops.

Keeping it closed
When you wake up on a sunny day, we are all tempted to open the curtains and slide the blinds to fill the house with that bright glow. But when the heat starts to rise, it is much better to keep the windows closed, especially on the south and west walls. This will block direct sunlight from entering your home.

As evening approaches and the sun begins to set, you can open them again, open the windows so that the room has a good dose of cool air. The main rule is to open the windows when the outside temperature is lower than the inside.

The right choice of coating
All curtains and blinds are designed to avoid light, but some are more effective when you need to catch a cold. Cross out blinds and curtains will do a much better job of blocking out the sun. And you can still get great styles, so you don't have to compromise on looks. We love our green and white Boreas flower curtain, which also keeps you warm in winter, so it's perfect all year round.

If you are looking for something else, take a look at our blinds, which were once popular in hotter countries due to their ability to retain heat. We work in partnership with California Blinds, a British №1 homemade specialist, to offer you a range of high-quality custom-made plantation blinds and delivered directly to your door.

Freezer tricks
Your freezer is the key to a few little tricks to help you cheer up. For a good night's sleep, you can put your sheets in a plastic bag and freezer a few minutes before you plan to go to bed. Refuel and enjoy the clear feeling under the blanket.

Another low-tech trick is to freeze a bottle of water and take it to bed. Or fill the warmer with ice and cold water, wrap it in a towel and keep it at your feet, as cooling your feet lowers your overall skin and body temperature. It may not sound glamorous, but you thank us later.

Finally, one of our favorites, create your own air conditioner with just a bowl of ice and a fan. Place your bowl in front of the fan and it will blow the wind over the ice, sending chilled water vapor into your space.

Get ready for cool comfort
By making a few simple changes to your bed before the hot weather, you can prepare for sleep in comfort. First, it's a good idea to change any knitted fabric or synthetic.