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Edisons - Online Machinery & Hardware Specialist.


We are rapidly developing an online store of home, garden and garden appliances. Our products are presented in a range from lawn mowers and chainsaws to wood chippers and wood splitters! Established over 10 years, we are one of Australia's leading and fastest growing e-commerce companies. Our success has shown us in BRW Fast-starters, Sydney Morning Herald, A Current Affair and Sunrise. We are Australian outsiders who are struggling with big retailers.

Since 2006, our company in Sydney has helped more than 1 million Australians save hundreds of dollars on garden equipment by eliminating expensive resellers and contacting the manufacturer directly. We have shipped more than 2 million products across Australia, currently have more than 150 employees and operate a huge logistics network with warehouses covering more than 20,000 square meters. We can say that we are a bigger, stronger and faster version of ourselves.

At Edisons, we focus our efforts on saving customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars on products that have traditionally cost Australians too much. Some of our main product ranges include chainsaws, lawn mowers, pressure washers and washers, generators, wood chippers and more. We are known as the "Kings of Chainsaws" because we have sold over 100,000 chainsaws since our company was founded in 2006 - a significant number for such a young and mobile business.
We deliver our products quickly across Australia and strive to create the best customer experience, from our website to the time your product arrives at your door. Many of our popular chainsaws, lawn mowers and generators are offered with free shipping to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Not only yesterday we started selling chainsaws or lawn mowers. We have an experienced engineering team that specializes in the research and development of all our products. We compare our products with high standards, and therefore our customers keep coming back. Even better, we offer a huge range of spare parts and after-sales service support. We provide Sydney customer service and technical support as well as on-site technicians to resolve any product issues that may arise. Therefore, when you shop online with Edison, you can safely shop.

So whether you're looking for a chainsaw, lawn mower, wood chipper, lumberjack or anything in between, rest assured that Edisons not only has the right product for you, but will save you hundreds compared to other overpriced prices. brands. With Edison you buy wisely and save.