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Fun Bikes - Two & Four Wheel Outdoor Toys & Performance Vehicles.


Our history dates back to 2001, when we decided to create a business focused on the production, import and retail of a variety of children and adults, vehicles and toys for indoor and outdoor use. Since then, our range and our showroom have grown rapidly, and we offer much more that you can view and buy.

In fact, thanks to our regular customers, we have expanded our offerings to cover the whole of the UK and Europe, and opened a brand new showroom in 2016 in Old Dalby, Leicestershire.

We believe that our success is largely due to the way we run our business, our customers and the ideals we adhere to - we firmly believe that you, as a customer, should receive only the best products we can get and to develop.

All our designers and mechanics are constantly improving the technical characteristics and quality of our products and range. We are always looking for high quality products at reasonable prices that we can supply to our customers, and we also offer them unlimited high quality technical support by phone or by attracting our technical specialists for all visitors to our showroom.

As a manufacturer and importer who retails directly to you, without the involvement of wholesalers, we can reduce the prices of retailers who buy from wholesale suppliers, but at the same time supply high quality and reliable machines. We've eliminated the reseller so you can buy from a reputable retailer and save money at the same time.

The price of our products is not lower because we sell machines with lower specifications or quality, we just buy and produce better, it even allows us to offer a fully equipped showroom, better guarantees and exceptional support, including free telephone lines for our mechanics and experts. .

Our prices are not only competitive, but now we offer financing if you spend more than 300 pounds, which means you can stretch your payments for a monthly period. You can find out more information here.

Fun: Bikes products are not only good value but also good quality.