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Jo Mercer - Women's Shoes Online.


Dedicated to footwear since 1998
Thanks to the reputation of quality shoes that stand the test of time, the company has grown exponentially in recent years. The mission of the brand has always been to create fashionable leather shoes without compromising quality.

Quiet luxury
Our shoes are made for real life. Jo Mercer shoes must meet certain standards to be included in the range; the leather must be of high quality, the heel balanced and the fit unparalleled. Trends determine our design, fashion influences our collection, and our customers determine the range. Our goal is to create what you want without compromise.

Australian brand
We are located in Melbourne, Australia. Jo Mercer has 32 stores across Australia. Our people know shoes, know how to take care of them. We will be happy to provide expert advice on your new pair of leather, suede or fabric shoes.