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How to furnish a modern dining room


The dining room is a meeting place, in the company of friends and family, at the time of exchange and enjoy your favorite dishes, chat in a friendly way and spend a few hours in complete relaxation.

It is a place that needs to be made more fun, functional and comfortable, and it can be used in everyday life, even just to consult a book or drink coffee alone in complete peace.

So, a modern dining room is a place that has its own life, reviewed according to the hottest trends, and which can find its natural location either in a large kitchen, in an adjoining room or in an open space.

The most important thing for a modern dining room is extraordinary functionality, at the same time hospitable.

Inspiration for furniture selection is many and based on minimalism and great advantage: modern style allows us both to adapt to the rest of the house, or if you intend to renovate the room and dare, you can choose an alternative style, giving a breath of fresh air and transgressions.

Modern dining room: how to decorate it.
The comfort factor comes first, so the choice of dining room furniture should focus on convenience and ease of movement from the kitchen to the table.

1. It is necessary to begin with that to make measurements of a room, creating a detailed map on a paper.
2. Then go to draw on the floor the shape of a table that is suitable for a minimum of 4 people.
3. Make a few attempts to think of round and square solutions with smaller dimensions to move, if space allows, to larger figures, such as sliding tables.
4. Evaluate the need for a long table if you think you will be organizing receptions and dinners with family members: expandable models have the advantage that they can be resealed and, therefore, during the day they return to less cumbersome.
5. Based on the size of the table, we divide by the width of the chairs that we are going to combine to ensure the compatibility of spaces.
Designing a dining room requires patience, and does not urgently fill it with furniture, wall blocks and other accessories at once. It is better to pay attention to specificity, because the table and 4/6 chairs are the first element of the situation.

In terms of colors and shades, the modern style relies on the brightness of white and elegant contrasts of black, gray or important red, preferring glossy surfaces.

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