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Off-road bikes ride without restrictions - from cable cars, bridles, forest paths to fire roads, there is almost no area that would be inaccessible to these hungry cars suffering from adventure. Explore life without limits with our range of test off-road bikes.

Off-road riding is extremely popular due to the ability to ride a bike away from roads and traffic, which inevitably phenomena the roads. They offer everyone a safe environment to get out and explore the world. The benefits of off-road bikes are many, the ability to simply immerse yourself in the world around you and forget about any everyday problems. The opportunity to capture the scenery around us, the wildlife that you will never be able to feel from the car, and the fresh air that we take for granted. There is also a huge selection of rides to choose from that is suitable for any type of rider. From the simplest bridles and towing tracks for a family walk to the more daring adrenaline junkies who love nothing more than running on a single track or running on mountain slopes.

There are 3 main groups for off-road bikes; CX / Gravel bikes are difficult to distinguish when viewed next to a standard road bike. Where they are versatile, a CX bike or gravel will have increased ground clearance. This allows you to install much larger tires for better terrain. However, if they are equipped with tire-specific tires, they are also extremely capable road bikes. Mountain Bikes - There is a huge selection of mountain bikes that have different functions to better provide them with improved performance in your chosen terrain. The main characteristics consist of a suspension, which allows them to cope with harsher terrain and the choice of wheel sizes. Adventure Bikes - Adventure bikes are also known as bike trackers or bike packers, and this actually describes their direct purpose. They have a mammoth tire clearance and a huge load capacity. These features lead to the capture of an epic bike tour.

Due to the fact that the SUV has a lot of options, the cost of these bikes can vary greatly. The material from which the frame is built plays a big role in the overall cost of the bike. Budget frames are usually made of aluminum, which is the cheapest material for production. At the other end of the cost scale is titanium or high-quality carbon, which are more expensive. The general rule is that the more you pay, the higher the class will be. High-end components are made of the best materials, which provide better performance, lighter and more durable. If you had £ 1,000, you would get a decent entry-level bike with an aluminum or steel frame and a sturdy component. Professional off-road bikes can cost as much as it costs up to the £ 10,000 mark.

Tire clearance - The bicycle must have a clearance for wide tires that provide better traction and the ability to spill dirt when riding on a loose surface. Gravel bikes are usually offered somewhere around 47mm with 700c or 2 ”road wheels with MTB wheels fitted. Mountain and fitness bikes often have mammoth lumens for tires up to 3 ”wide. Disc brakes - Disc brakes are required for off-road driving. Whether you're speeding on a single track or just enjoying your bike and around, extra confidence in the stopping power of the disc brakes is always welcome. Their powerful modulation makes them the most powerful braking system available. Suspension - Gravel bikes do not actually use a suspension, as this can affect their versatility. However, the suspension is much more common on mountain bikes, which tend to travel to more extreme areas. Depending on the terrain, the bike will have only a front suspension (hardtail) or front and rear suspension (full suspension).

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