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Boden boosts sales with online fit technology


This year, Boden is using personalization technology to increase conversion rates and revenue, as well as rising rates and order value, and fewer returns.

The company uses True Confidence analytics technology on its website, which is true of True Fit, and reported an increase in revenue growth of 5.1% for the 1st quarter. Meanwhile, the conversion rate among buyers who use the technology was 2.6 times higher.

The technologist analyzes the transactions of 17,000 retail brands and uses data from nearly 200 million registered customers to give them a better idea of how the clothes they order will fit.

Boden’s order rates rose close to 57%, the average order value was up 12%  and the firm also managed to cut its returns rate by almost 6%.
This is an important event for a company that makes 95% of its online sales in key markets, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Australia and the United States.

And it was a good time, as its use of technology was introduced in the first quarter, when markets were moving to blockade through Covid-19.

Boden's Director of Digital Commerce, Nicolas Hewett, said: “Our goal is to provide our customers with an experience that inspires the same confidence when purchasing goods online as during our brand. Personalization helps to stimulate this experience and, in turn, has shown a huge impact on business. E-commerce is a key channel for Boden. We saw positive results almost immediately, and the impact of True Fit was significant. "